Independent Investigation Services & Advice For Government Entities

Do you want to remove the risk and appearance of internal bias?

Do you need an external investigation provider to investigate code of conduct or other internal matters?

Are you worried about the workplace culture?

Do you need to investigate customer complaints?

Are you in need of advice?

Arrow Intelligence provide targeted solutions to help your organisation. Our management has a track record in assisting business and local government in a variety of matters.

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Our Products and Services

External Workplace Investigations:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Misconduct
  • Theft
  • WHS Breaches
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employee culture, and other HR matters
  • Accidents and Incidents
  • Customer complaints


Training and Consulting:

  • Absenteeism reduction consulting
  • Surveillance Services
  • Employee Screening, Vetting and Location Services
  • Employee Training in incident reporting and evidence gathering for accidents, incidents and complaints, and code of conduct
  • Management training in profiling, fraud profiles and questioning techniques
  • Forensic IT Investigations & Data Recovery services
  • Post investigation feedback with findings on recovery potential and common law, along with recommendations
  • Assistance to create strategies to reduce the likelihood of similar claims and incidents