Workplace Investigations


Workplace Investigations

When to Engage an external investigation provider

Your employee may have caused serious risk to the health of others, the well-being of your business; including profits and reputation, or even put your patients or residents at risk, leaving you exposed to the risk of litigation. Sometimes the employee may have lodged a serious complaint about your senior management team, such as alleged bullying or harassment or sexual harassment, or committed a serious breach of your code of conduct or other internal policies.You may even be concerned in a broader sense about the workplace culture in an entire team, department, location, or even the entire organisation.

It’s time to call in Arrow’s team of professional investigators


Bullying Harassment & Discrimination

Arrow’s Workplace Investigators provide a holistic approach to investigating and resolving workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination complaints. We recognise that these situations can be highly personal and emotionally charged, and having conducted hundreds of investigations our investigators deal with participants with care and finesse.


Conflict of Interest

If you have reason to believe a conflict exists between an employee’s obligations or relationships and their professional obligations, an independent investigation into misconduct involving Conflict of Interest might be warranted. Call Arrow for help.


Serious Misconduct

Your employee may have breached company code of conduct, stolen from your business, breached your drug or alcohol policies, for example in aged care or health care breached medication management protocols, or WHS protocols, or may have engaged in a wide range of behaviours that may constitute serious misconduct. You may need the assistance of an unbiased third party to ensure that the process is and appears fair. Call Arrow for assistance.

Workplace Culture Investigation

Arrow’s workplace culture investigations are targeted to identify and help your business remedy key workplace culture issues and if necessary identify individuals or groups of staff that may be interfering with a positive and productive workplace culture. The result is resolution of long-term issues which may have reduced productivity for months or even in some cases, years.