Workers Compensation Claims


Workers Compensation Claims

Factual Investigations

Arrow Intelligence has investigators who are specialists in both in physical and psychological workers compensation injuries. We understand current workers compensation legislation, especially Section 9a and 11a, and our investigators are trained in targeted questioning techniques.

All investigations cover common law and recovery aspects as a component of the investigation. Reports are logical and detailed giving you responses to all specific instructions.

Surveillance Investigations

Arrow Intelligence has a methodical well planned approach to surveillance. It is not hit and miss as with some other companies. Arrow focuses on targeted cost effective surveillance at all times.

On receipt of new instructions a courtesy call is immediately made to your office to ensure that all details of the Subject’s capacity and the precise purpose of the investigation is agreed upon.

Extensive research on the Subject is conducted prior to surveillance commencing. Planning includes detailed database, social media, and other searches, so that surveillance targets the most likely days and times of activity.

Throughout the investigation we are in constant liaison with your office allowing for effective decision making as the case unfolds.

All investigators are trained in relevant legislation and have the most up to date equipment to produce outstanding results.

We get it right the first time.