Why Arrow

Arrow Intelligence Group

Why Use Arrow Intelligence Group?

10 Reasons why you should use Arrow for your investigation, training and consulting needs:

  • We help individuals with private matters and provide location services, surveillance for personal matters, and support for litigation such as family law or civil matters
  • Ligation support for solicitors including surveillance and factual investigations, skip tracing and social media investigations
  • We help businesses recognise, remediate, investigate and resolve all forms of physical and virtual risks
  • Rapid response and turnaround time for investigation and consultancy needs
  • Constant progress updates allowing you to make cost effective decisions as the investigation unfolds
  • Investigate and filter real from fraudulent incidents by staff or customers saving you time and money
  • Investigate internal issues eliminating any real or perceived bias by staff of unions
  • Management training in profiling, fraud profiles and questioning techniques
  • Review of internal policies and procedures in harassment and bullying, sexual harassment, incidents,
  • Code of conduct investigations, IT and device usage and provide recommendations
  • Cyber Security Assessments including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Social Engineering Audits


Our People

Arrow’s has a team of specialists in investigation, skip-tracing, cyber security, system IT security and governance and auditing, risk assessment and prevention, digital forensic investigations and case preparation, fraud – insurance and other, corruption and cyber crime investigations, along with all forms of general insurance investigations.

Arrow’s Principal, Robert Bostelman, has over 20 years experience in fraud investigation, information technology, psychology, and intelligence gathering. Robert is well respected in the business and insurance communities having conducted and coordinated thousands of investigations in all forms of investigation and all industries. Robert has also run training courses for employers and major insurers in investigation, questioning techniques. profiling of fraud, surveillance and also consults to businesses and government departments to review policies and procedures, reduce risk and reduce cost to those organisations.

Arrow has over 50 specialists Australia wide who are experts in their field. Specialist investigators also include Forensic Fire Investigation, Forensic IT and Data Recovery.

Arrow aligns with like-minded businesses and experts in training, risk management, specialist consulting, organisational psychologists and return to work specialists.