Top 4 Uses for Surveillance Investigations for Individuals and Businesses

Surveillance investigations are fuelled by the increasing demand from various sources such as from individuals with cheating spouses or those with family law and custody concerns. Disability insurance industries and businesses also need private investigators to determine if insurance claims are fraudulent.

Hiring the services of a private investigator for surveillance is a decision most people don’t make lightly and it is usually in response to some serious concerns a person has about matters close to their heart, most often about their partner or their children. Sometimes businesses need to use surveillance if they have concerns about their employees, business partners, competitors or franchisees. Surveillance investigations are used for numerous reasons, however, see the information below for the top 4 reasons to use a private investigator.

Top 4 Uses for Surveillance Investigations for Individuals and Businesses

  1. Cheating Partners

Whether you need to know if your partner is cheating, you have concerns that perhaps they have been lying to you about their whereabouts or financial situation, covert surveillance can help you find that piece of mind. Arrow’s discreet agents conduct mobile surveillance at competitive rates to help you discover if your partner or spouse is cheating. Do they turn their phone off? Not take calls when you are present? Hide their phone? Clear their web browser history? Won’t let you near their mobile phone? Go missing for hours? Have unexpected work functions which may require overnight stays? Do they change their usual patterns of behaviour? Do they unexpectedly buy new clothes and start wearing aftershave or cologne? These things may seem insignificant however if you see several of these signs the chances are your partner may be cheating. Contact Arrow for help. It’s better to know as soon as you can so you can make decisions about your life and relationship.

  1. Family Law

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a family law case you may need the services of a private investigator to conduct surveillance to assist you with your case. Surveillance is used as a resource to help discover what your ex-spouse or ex-partner is doing while they have your children in their care, or even when they don’t. Surveillance can be used to show if your ex-partner is abiding by custody and visitation orders. Surveillance can be used to show that they are withholding your children from you when you go to collect them for visits. This can be used to determine if they are using drugs or behaving immorally. This can lead to a turning point in your court case and is a valuable resource. Arrow also offers skip tracing services to locate a person to serve documents and we also conduct social media investigations as an additional tool to assist in family law matters. We can also work closely with your Solicitor to determine exactly what they need to assist you with your case.

  1. Teenagers and Children

Arrow’s surveillance investigators can assist parents if they have concerns about drug abuse, dangerous activity or if your child has run away and you need to locate them. With an increase in the use and availability of drugs, including designer drugs, the risk that your child or teen may be taking drugs is on the increase and can be life-threatening. We can assist parents who would like to discreetly observe the activities of their children to help them identify the problem before things get worse. Some parents have concerns about if they may breach their child’s trust. If you have reached the point where you are considering using a private investigator you have probably reached the stage where you really need to know so that hard decisions can be made to find the truth and the extent of the issue to help your child now. Arrow can also help you locate your son or daughter is they have run away.

  1. Businesses

“Surveillance is used for a wide variety of reasons in business. Surveillance can help you discover if your employees are truly sick and if compensation claims are genuine, to determine if your staff are or business partners are breaching their agreements, to locate assets that an employee may have stolen such as computer equipment, vehicles or other equipment, to assist if you think your employee is stealing from you directly; whether cash, equipment or stock, if you think rivals or other parties are stealing from you or vandalising your equipment, vehicles or workplace, or if you have a franchise and you have concerns that your franchisees may not be fulfilling their contractual arrangements and may be ‘cheating. Surveillance can also be used to save your business money and may lead to prosecuting those involved.”

Arrow has expert surveillance investigators located throughout NSW and we would be pleased to conduct a no-obligation free quote. Contact us on 02 8279 6997 – or by email at [email protected].au so we can discuss how to assist you.